Monday, 22 May 2017

[PV Selection] April '17

I need to get this out before I even dar think about starting off my Week for C-ute before they graduate, and well before May creeps upon us. Let's not have another March scenario, where the PV Selection is a month late, shall we...?

Another month, another post! We are back with the PV Selection for April 2017, and oh boy oh boy, what a month it was! Every dang time, there's a bunch of PV's that I enjoy watching, though let's be honest, a lot of them follow familiar formulas. I like what I like, though, so yeah... We have certain styles that we enjoy most, and hey can, ya blame a girl for liking the simple things in life?

Still, even if some music videos have similar formulas to others, it's fun to see what Idols put out for us viewers. We love to see groups and companies improve, and we like to see how the songs fit with the idea behind the PV, too. No matter how simple or complex it is, if we like it, it's a good MV!

And now, as per the usual here, all MV's listed on this post are the ones I personally enjoyed myself. This is a post where I promote the videos and groups I found most entertaining, so if there is something on here you do not enjoy, well, it's my post, my opinion. If there isn't a video on here you enjoyed, however, bear in mind that I either have not seen it, or I didn't enjoy it as much as you did. Tastes differ, and also, I'm one person! I can't and won't watch every video that comes out in the Idol realm! That's far too many for one person, especially if I have things to do in my everyday life, so... yeah. There's that.

And finally, please do enjoy the videos I post here, but don't feel obligated to like them, just cause I found them somewhat entertaining! We have distinct tastes, and we can't all enjoy the same thing. But please, give the videos a go, and enjoy some Idol goodness! Try before you decide, and all that jazz!

Se, no... VIDEO!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Adulthood Can Wait! Let's Live Freely in BONUSBaby's 'Eoreuni Doendamyeon' (If I Become An Adult) Music Video [Review!]

Adulthood can creep up on you very quickly, however, to have a carefree mindset and an innocent outlook on the world is something most adults wish they still had. To see the world through the eyes of youth, despite the corruption and dismay we may find in the everyday world we live in, is a beautiful thing to possess. Thankfully, Idols allow us to see just how bright the world can be, and the stories they spin allow us to cast away our tinted glasses for a few hours a day, giving us the freedom to experience the joys of the world in all its rich, pigmented colour and sweetness.

But sometimes, we adults don't want to grow up. So for the time being, as both an Idol fan and a legal adult, I will cast away this dreaded notion of adulthood, and enjoy myself! It's time to live carefree and happily!

We aren't even halfway through the year, and already I have two K-pop reviews on my blog! What is the world coming to!? First, there was Dreamcatcher's mesmirising Chase Me, and now we will be looking at the very opposite in BONUSBaby's If I Become An Adult (Eoreuni Doendamyeon), a cute and playful music video that feels unlike any other K-pop music video I have ever come across! So let's cast away this notion that all K-pop is cool and sexy in tone, and have a look at the sweetest sound of K-pop I have ever experienced.

As with any K-pop song and music video, this one was introduced to me, and in this case, by a reader. Balma commented on one of my PV Selection posts, requesting if I could video react to BONUSBaby's latest music video, as they felt it would be something I might enjoy due to its similarities to a Japanese Pop Music Video. After some time, I finally got around to watching the music video and reacting to it, and well... here we are. I'm going one step farther, and actually reviewing it, too. I like it that much!

It's a fun MV, what can I say? Too bad it's so damn short.

So, yeah. We're gonna talk about and take a look at another K-pop music video, this time by the cute as pie BONUSBaby. It's not my usual affair, but in a way, it is, too. So, it's time to get into the cutest K-pop group around (that I know of, at least) and check out If I Become An Adult. Are you ready for some sweet music and fun shenanigans?

Let's GO!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

[Music Selection] April '17

Music is in the air, and Spring is slowly but surely coming to its end! With the warmer weather and longer days approaching, Summer is well on its way! For now, though, let's cherish the sweet sounds of Spring in Idol Music! What will our Idols deliver to us in sound today?

April 2017's Music Selection is here, and as per the usual, all music listed, whether it past, present or from the future, is placed her because I enjoy it! I want to share with everyone the music and PV's I am enjoying from the months gone by, so that you can find something new to enjoy, as well!

Of course, as my tastes are 100% my own, I do not expect everything everyone else likes to be on here, nor do I think you will like everything I enjoy! It's a matter of preference, and truth be told, my musical tastes are kind of bad in comparison to everyone else's! So, apologies if my terrible music doesn't appeal to any of you dear readers!

Now, shall we get into the music, and enjoy some sweet Idol tracks? Ready... Set...


Friday, 12 May 2017

A Factory Worker Resigns! Kobushi Factories Fujii Rio to Graduate Hello! Project and Kobushi Factory This Summer!

Not even a month has passed since the Graduation Announcement of Kudo Haruka from Morning Musume and Hello! Project, and already we have another announcement regarding the leave of an Hello! Pro Idol.

Good grief, H!P are gonna need a few new Factory workers to come play Idol if they keep letting the ones people actually care about get away :/

With the announcement made on May 12th concerning Fujii Rio's desire to graduate, the Kobushi Factory sub-leader has revealed that she will leave both her group and the company this Summer, at the end of the Hello! Project Summer 2017 concert tour. She has expressed her desire to continue her studies now that she has finished Highschool, and look towards becoming a teacher or a nurse.

Up-Front LINK has translated both the staff comment, and Fujii Rio's comment in regards to her Graduation announcement.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

[PV Selection] March '17

AAAAAND I am hella late with this one, and honestly, what excuse can I give this time? Deadlines... Trips abroad... Yeah, those are the two excuses I have, and I'll stick with them, cause they are the truth. I was a busy bee last month (and early this month), and yes, life trumps blogging. I did what I had to in order to keep on top of deadlines, and also to spend as much time enjoying myself as possible.

Who said I have to keep to a blog schedule? Er, me. And yet I break that promise I make myself XD Oh, welp~

Anyway, it's time! Let's talk Music Videos! Ya ready for a Month-Late March PV Selection? :p

As always, all Music Videos added to the list are subject to my opinions and personal taste! If there is something in here you dislike, or something absent that you enjoyed, chances are, I was not all that keen, or did not find it as riveting as your wonderful self. That is how taste works, my dears, but suck it up! We can't all enjoy the same thing, can we now?

Of course, what I put on here does not stop you from enjoying what you love, so I say, make a list yourself, or just share your favourites with someone via word of mouth! Sharing is caring, after all, and we should all let people know of our love for Idols! So, why not share? ;)


Stepping Down from Royal Duties! Houkago Princess Candidates to Graduate! Michishige Saho Prepares for A Study Break!

On May 8th 2017, the two members of Houkago Princesses Candidate section both announced that they would graduate from the group and its programme on June 3rd, 2017. A further announcement revealed that Regular member, Michishige Saho, would be stepping back and taking a 'Study Break' from the group in order to improve herself as a performer.

(Translations may not be correct, or rough. Apologies.)

In regards to both Horii Nina and Tanaka Asami of the Candidate programme:

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Duu Duu DUUUUUUUUUU!!! Kudo Haruka to Graduate Morning Musume'17 This Fall!

Today on April 29th, 2017, Morning Musume'17 member Kudo Haruka announced her Graduation from the group, which will take place on the final day of the groups Fall 2017 tour. She has expressed her desire to pursue acting full-time once she has graduated.

A statement was released from both Up-Front and Kudo Haruka, in regards to the graduation announcement and the reasons behind her decision. A translation of both has been provided by Up-Front Link on Facebook: